Apple education event: iBooks 2, iBooks Author to be released

On January 19, 2012

Apple has previously controlled the mobile market with some of its iOS devices which are the iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad. With the focus being more in the iPad, Steve Jobs was rumoured to have big plans with that particular device. He envisioned iPad users all around the world to use the device to keep their digital textbooks. With the Apple Education Event being held at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, there is a possibility that his dream might turn into fruition.

One of things that are mentioned by Phil Schiller from Apple is how students can use the iPad to replace textbooks. He also mentioned that with the device being number one in teenagers’ wish list, it is possible to get full cooperation of students to use the device for their daily educational usage. With the iPad having digital versions of the textbooks, it would be more engaging and interactive for the students and as a result, it would create a more enjoyable learning experience.

Some of things that are possible to be added into the digital textbooks include image slideshow, videos and many more. An application called iBooks Author will also be released. The digital textbooks is expected to be sold at $14.99.