Apple finally begins shipping 30 pin Lightning Adapter.

On October 8, 2012

If you have been waiting for one of the new Apple 30-pin Lightning adapters then it seems as if your wait is nearing an end. According to several readers Apple has sent e-mails out notifying then that their order would be shipping later this week. iPhone 5 owners have been waiting for this news since the iPhone 5 was first released in September, Apple is offering the $29 Lightning to 30-pin Adapter along with a $39 cabled version.

One reason why this new adapter has been so extremely popular is that if you own accessories for your previous iDevices then you will need this adapter in order for these to work with the new iPhone and iPods that were announced alongside the iPhone in September. Another reason why this adapter has become so popular is the fact that Apple made some significant changes to the “Made for iPhone” rules expected, these rules make it is extremely difficult for accessory makers to release their own adapters before Christmas.


You can see the e-mail that was sent to customers below:

Lightning Adapter Shipment

Source: MacRumors