Apple Fixing In-App Purchase Hack in iOS 6

On July 23, 2012

Hacks are never good, especially when it involves something as sensitive as purchases. Nevertheless, a hack was found in the latest version of the iOS which is the iOS 6 and it revolves on the in-app purchase hack as well. A Russian hacker had exposed a flaw in the iOS 6 which allows the user to make in-app purchases for free instead of needing to pay for it.

Apple had also taken a few measures to keep things under control. Amongst them include telling the developer about the temporary solution of the hack, getting the video of the hacking attempt to be removed, blocking the hacker’s Paypal account and server IP addresses and a few others. This are rather important measures that Apple need to take because if it isn’t handled well, it can amount to thousands if not millions of dollars lost in revenue as well as potential lawsuits.

In other news, Apple is bringing the iTunes Movies in the Cloud to 35 new countries which includes those in the Asia Pacific region, Latin America, and a few countries in Europe. With this being said and done, users from these countries can now enjoy streamed movies from the iTunes.