Apple gets a painful blow in 2014! Cost them tens of millions of dollars

On January 17, 2014


The company is obliged to return the money to users. Apple Policy that allows you to buy things through applications, turns against them. The company was forced by U.S. authorities to pay a huge sum due to unauthorized purchases made ??in applications.

Federal Trade Commission ruled that Apple to return 32.5 million dollars to clients whose children have shopped without their knowledge. Besides a fine record, Apple needs to modify payment methods for users to be informed clearly and to give their consent on every purchase. Agreement must be given whether you pay for an application or for certain advantages in that application.

“This decision is a victory for the thousands of consumers wronged by Apple’s payment system. Simply, you cannot charge them for shopping that have not been approved” said FTC chairwoman, Edith Ramirez.

The scandal started not necessarily from users but from their children. After initial approval of payment in the AppStore, Apple allows for 15 minutes to not have to enter your password. So U.S. authorities have received thousands of complaints here.


The damage amounted to a total of several million dollars. “In one case, the daughter of a user has spent 2600 dollars buying various bonuses for Tap Pet Hotel app. Other children have bought from 500-600 dollars using games like Dragon Story or Zoo Friends”, said officials from Federal Trade Commission.

The folks at Apple have turned everything in their favor. “The agreement with the FTC does nothing to fill our money-back program for purchases made ??through the application, without the consent of parents” was the official statement from Apple that has resolved over 37,000 complaints.