Apple Hires Engineers To Develop iPhones That Charghes Using Solar Energy

On September 14, 2013

After publishing several patents describing various ways were iDevices could be charged using solar energy, well here is that Apple is now seeking to hire engineers capable of producing these devices.

 In a job offer published on its website, at Apple lists the skills and future job description, company giving very clear information that they want an iPhone prototype that charges using solar energy. Apple intends to apply a thin film containing technology to charge it with the purpose to extend the battery life of devices.

Apple is just one of the companies interested in implementing this kind of technology in handsets and this is a very big benefit for users. In the course of years is tested the implementation in smartphones of possibility of testing using solar energy, but no one has yet managed to produce a good device to have this feature and it is enough for a company like Apple to launch a device with this feature for the world to further improve the technology.