Apple implemented a mini computer in its Lightning AV Adapter

On March 2, 2013

Lightning technology implemented by Apple on its iPhones stunned a lot of people, mainly because the components are found in cables or adapters, but also because of the high level of security of these accessories.

The amazement continues now because inside the Lightning AV Adapter, Apple has included a mini computer based on an ARM processor, that has 256 MB RAM and which, in theory, works as an AirPlay receiver, processor ARM decoding the video stream to display video content on TV. Seems unbelievable isn’t it? Well there isn’t, an actual computer fits in there, a mini one.

This adapter cannot display video in 1080p format on TV, but only on the 1600 × 900 resolution and to do so it would create a mini AirPlay network inside, the processor decoding video stream and sending it to a monitor cable. The decision of Apple to implement such a system in its adapter is exciting and it shows that in the future may force users to give up cable in favor of the AirPlay feature. Keep your eyes on us, we might be the first to learn something new about it.