Apple introduces the Find My iPhone and Find My Mac function in

On August 4, 2011

On Monday Apple launched, a website (now dedicated to developers of applications for iOS) that we can manage the information stored from our devices in iCloud accounts.

We’ve spoken about and it services in the past and today we announce that Apple has implemented a new section: Find My iPhone.

In this section we will be able to locate our devices that have enabled the Find My iPhone function from the settings menu for IOS and but also from iCloud. After locating the device we have 3 options: sending a message, auto locking of the device and erase all data on it.

The interesting part of this new service lies in the fact that we can locate our Macs. Although the interface is not called Find My Mac, if you have a Mac where you activate the Find My Mac function (from the settings menu from iCloud) you can locate your Mac directly from In the absence of a dedicated GPS, locates your Mac based on the information provided by the Wi-Fi router where is connected and in terms of available options we have access to: send a message, automatic block the device and erasing all data on it.

Apple integrates new features in until the official launch of the site we have everything we need to manage our account information from iCloud. I tested the new option, though I am not an application developer, and found that iCloud displays more accurate the GPS data so it is possible that Apple also worked to improve the tracking algorithms.