Apple iPhone, iPod Touch users with iOS 3.1.3 faces incompatibility issues

On December 20, 2011

Cases of iPhone applications being incompatible for the devices are rare as compared with other operating systems such as Android, BlackBerry or Symbian for example. This is because the iOS has always been in a controlled environment and even with the upgrades, legacy versions of the iOS devices have not been left behind.

However, what once seemed impossible may just be possible. Users with the iOS version 3.1.3 and below face quite a troublesome scenario as these devices are facing incompatibility issues after the update on the 16th of December recently. The update caused these devices to be unable to download applications from Apple App Store to their devices. However, a workaround would be that the users for these devices will have to transfer the files directly from iTunes instead of getting it over-the-air.

This problem is quite troubling as it may show sign that Apple will no longer support legacy devices and are in favor of their newer devices. This would mean that the users will either have to update if it is possible or to replace their old devices which may be a good thing as these are often outdated already. Whatever it may be, Apple may provide a solution to this problem although it may take a while to get it solved.