Apple Is Preparing To Sell A Cheap iPhone In Different Colors And An iPhone 6 Of 4 Inches

On June 7, 2013

Rumors about the possible launch of a cheaper iPhone continue to occur, U.S. analysts claiming that the terminal will be available on the market just before the much anticipated iPhone 5S. The terminal would be produced in 5 different colors and certainly would be cheaper than the current line of iPhones, Apple Partners are preparing its launch for several months which could take place September onwards, when the iPhone 5S would be presented and officially released.

Apart from the cheap iPhone, U.S. analysts believe that iPhone 6 will eventually make its appearance on the market and that the device would have a screen larger than 4 inches. Although Tim Cook said that Apple will not produce such a smartphone only when it is satisfied that such a terminal can provide customers best in all respects, analysts speculate and speculate about such things. To be honest, the possible launch of an iPhone with a bigger screen of 4 inches can take place and Apple is surely testing a terminal like this, remains to be seen when it considers the appropriate moment to bring such a device on the market.