Apple issues iOS 5.0.1, fixes more than just battery problem

On November 6, 2011

The problem that clouds iPhone 4S users aren’t bad reception but poor battery life and Apple admits there is a flaw in their device, or rather in the software for that matter, which makes the device consumes a bit more battery than needed. The solution like what most people expected is a software upgrade and that is what Apple will give its users.

The update of the operating system is to iOS version 5.0.1 is still under beta testing and as of date, there are already two beta updates issued already, both done to counter the problems that Apple is facing. People speculate that with the speed on which beta updates are being issued, the stable and final version of the update will be launched soon.

iOS version 5.0.1 will fix more than just battery life, it tackles a loophole which allows anyone to bypass the iPad 2 security by the use of a SmartCover which left unattended, would leave a big security loophole on the device. In addition to that, the update will also allow new multi-touch gestures to be made available on the iPad 2.

The update is coming out soon but the question is just when. Until the problem is resolved, Apple has a lot of unhappy customers.