Apple launches 'iPhone in Business' webpage for enterprise users

On April 21, 2012

Those of you that have gone to the iPhone page on might have noticed that there is a new section dedicated to enterprise customers.

The “iPhone in Business” page holds five sub-sections: iPhone at Work, Integration, Apps for Business, Profiles and Resources.

The “iPhone at Work” section mentions some of the most popular apps that are currently  available for businesses.

On the “Integration” page, Apple presents information regarding the iPhone’s support for Microsoft Exchange, VPNs and enterprise Wi-Fi.

“Apps for Business” is a presentation of the way Apps available on the App Store can help in a variety of scenarios, complete with links to purchase the apps through iTunes.

The “Profiles” page presents different business owners who have integrated the iPhone and iPad in their businesses, these include both large corporations and small family businesses.

Finally, the “Resources” page is filled with useful support articles and guides to get an enterprise started with iDevices.