Apple Media Conference On Friday

On July 15, 2010

Looks like Apple is caving in, and they have announced today that they will be holding a media and press conference on Friday from CA.  It usually take a lot of public pressure to get Apple to change their ways (last time was the $100 credit they gave out to users who bought the iPhone at $600).

Speculation has been high that this event will address the recent media coverage given to the antenna issue, especially since Consumer Reports recently did not give Apple their recommended rating like they have for the prior iPhone models.

Is Apple going to spend the estimated 160 million to give out free Bumper cases?  Are they doing a Toyota type recall and spending 1.5 Billion to swap out phones?   Or are they simply going to come up with another ‘software’ fix for a hardware problem?

Only time will tell, but we’ll be here to let you know what happens as soon as it does!