Apple Netbook? No!; MiniTablet? Please!

On February 23, 2009

Macworld’s Jason Snell has a superb piece about his time with an MSI Wind hacked to run OS X. Having created and used a similar Hackintosh I have to agree with his conclusions- the Wind make a fully functional, exceptionally inexpensive Mac.

Ultimately, however, he concludes that Apple’s argument for not entering the netbook fray holds up to scrutiny- it isn’t in Apple’s interest to go there since there are too many compromises and not enough profit.

And THAT is where he makes the comment relevant to a post on WhatsOniPhone. Snell writes….

…the company has a much better alternative—a device based on the iPhone operating system. Imagine something roughly twice the width and length of the current iPod and iPhone display, which would make the device approximately 8.5 by 5 inches (roughly the size of an Amazon Kindle), compared to the Wind’s 10.2 by 7 inches. And of course, it would probably be less than half an inch thick, compared to the Wind’s tapered .75 to 1.25 inch thickness. Such a device wouldn’t have a built-in keyboard, but there would be more room for a mega version of the iPhone’s touchscreen keyboard. And perhaps we’d also finally see the iPhone OS support Bluetooth keyboards, which would let you use a full-sized keyboard if you wanted.

Great points to which I say… bring it on!