Apple patents a new method to improve the device's camera

On June 23, 2011

New Apple’s patent was published today and we have before us a new method by which Apple is trying to improve the photo camera of our devices, for better pictures. The patent of Apple describes a system where our devices would compensate tilt camera when doing a picture in a software system implemented in iOS.

Apple could implement a practical system that will help us make good pictures regardless of how the device is tilted or the perspective from which we do pictures. In iOS 5 Apple implemented a camera application called grid lines dividing the screen consisting of several units that help users arrange on the screen the objects of those who want to do pictures. The system proposed by the new Apple patent would work like and would change the pictures before actually being saved in the device and the end result will be a perfectly aligned picture and probably will not require any subsequent changes.

The technical explanations offered by Apple explain that the sensors inside our devices could be used to help change pictures after the user has taken pictures. Accelerometer, gyroscope or GPS could be used to offset the effect of inclination of the device while recording pictures but everything is presented only in theory. Perhaps this patent will not come to be used by Apple but it is interesting to know that they work on it.