Apple patents a system that could provide information about objects while watching a video feed

On March 20, 2013

Apple today has registered a patent describing a iOS system that could display information about visible objects in a video stream. Basically iOS would recognize various objects that its feed displays them, and users could see information about them through pop-ups. The system would work with the terminal camera, such as straightening the iPhone to a building that could display information about the building.

Users should have the option to edit information provided by Apple in pop-ups, and that information could be shared on social networks at the touch of a button. Apple says that its system could display the image in two windows, one with information about objects and one without information, the idea being to give users the ability to view video content without being disturbed. This technology can be used not only on video feeds, but also as geolocation and for now nobody knows when or if we will see it in iOS. Do not worry, we will keep you updated about this patent as soon as we know more information.