Apple patents a system that would allow us to rent or resell applications purchased from the App Store

On March 7, 2013

Many people complain because the App Store does not allow applications to be used in demo format for users to figure out if the acquired title deserved to be buyed or not. Apple does not have how to rezlve this problem, but they thought of a system that could allow users to rent or resell their applications purchased from the App Store. Apple still requires some limits, ie users must use the application for a period of time before they sell/rent it, they must establish a minimum price and they would not be able to perform transactions for a certain time.

Techniques is provided for managing access to the digital content item (Such as year ebook, music, movie, software application) to be Transferred from one user to Another. The transfer is prevented from accessing the digital content item after the transfer occurs.

Although many would be happy to have such a system in iOS, I say from now that its implementation would inhibit sales and consequently reduce the revenues of Apple, but also the developers ones. From my point of view, this system is patented just because Apple has a potential weapon against a company that is considering to launch something similar. I do not think that Apple will ever implement such a system in App Store.