Apple's Phil Schiller: White iPhone 4 is not thicker

On May 3, 2011

All the rumors said that White iPhone 4 is thicker than black iPhone 4 were declined by Phil Schiller –-Apple Senior Vice President of Product Marketing.

A few days ago, 9to5mac found that white iPhone 4 model is 2 microns (0.2mm) thicker than the black iPhone 4 model.

Then a reader of 9to5mac —Ernesto Barron, asked Phil Schiller via twitter to confirm this rumors.
However, Schiller didn’t reply the question through a public tweet, but a direct message to Ernesto Barron instead.

9to5mac got his DM’s reply:

White iPhone 4 is not thicker

It is not thicker, don’t believe all the junk that you read

Well said, Schiller. But don’t you reply him through a tweet?