Apple plans to implement new features in FaceTime and iMessage

On March 27, 2013

FaceTime and iMessage are two of the most popular features from iPhone, but they are quite simple, it works and that’s all. In market there is a whole suite of related services and applications such as WhatsApp Messenger that makes iMessage to be forgotten very quickly. To improve their services, those from Apple now employs skilled engineers who will implement new features in both of the above applications, but no one yet knows what it could be, and Apple is not saying anything.

Along with excellent skills in object-oriented software design and programming, you are expected to have real-world experience Optimizing the size and performance of applications and frameworks.

It wouldn’t be bad if Apple is able to unite FaceTime and iMessage in a single application, as is iChat in OS X and the implementation possibility of sharing many types of files would be always welcomed for us. Given that Apple is considering doing so, I’m curious what new things you’ll want to see in the two services. Go on, tell us what are you thinking, no one knows who’s watching.