Apple Preparing To Launch iPhone 5S With Massive iPhone 5 Discounts

On June 24, 2013

In the last days many major U.S. retailers and some mobile operators in the U.S. have started to reduce the sale price of iPhone 5 terminals by 50%, it is of course made with the consent of Apple.

 AT&T, Best Buy, Walmart and other big names in U.S. retail offers iPhone with few tens of dollars less to purchase along with a subscription, the marketing move signals that Apple begins even now preparing for the launch of the iPhone 5S, yet selling its existing stocks of products.

In the summer, consumers’ interest in buying new products decreases, and combining this with rumors which announces iPhone 5S in the fall, Apple is gearing up for a fiscal quarter of weak sales. To counter this normal movement on the market, Apple gives way to sells through its partners, same thing was being done last year, but a little later than now. By the fall Apple will lose a lot of “sales” because of the market situation and the rumors, but based on these cuts the losses will be mitigated, though not by much.