Apple preparing two curved screen iPhones of 4.7 and 5.5 inches

On November 11, 2013


With a significant delay, Apple begins to react to trends observed for some time in the smartphone market, adjusting iPhones offer around the diagonal of 5 inches – the popular size of the screen among Android buyers.

According to sources cited by Bloomberg, Apple is preparing a new series of iPhone handsets with 4.7 and 5.5 inch screens. However, the Cupertino Company is not content with the launch of iPhone oversized versions. According to the sources, Apple will use an old patent to keep the cases sizes in close range of the current iPhone series while improving functionality. Specifically, the new iPhone will incorporate OLED models that fits over the edge of the casing, resulting in a very different exterior design from the one used before.

In addition to the curved screen, future iPhone models will incorporate pressure sensors able to interpret the force with which we tap on the touch, improving control over iOS interface and in games. Unfortunately iPhone first series with curved screen, ready to launch for the Q3 period of 2014 may not include this feature and the technology will be added from the second wave of products. At that time we could talk about the first flexible iPhone models, carcass that can bend to pressure, as like the LG G Flex.