Apple produces the most solid smartphones, iPhones could be up to 300% more resistant than Samsung terminals

On February 23, 2013

Although it seems very hard to believe that Apple is presented by FixYa, a company that has a website dedicated to solving smartphone problems as the maker of smartphones that last longer. According to data collected from over 700,000 issues reported on its website, those from FixYa say that Apple produces the most durable terminals, which are up to 300% stronger than those from Samsung. Nokia ranks third in the top, while Motorola came in fourth.

The main problems for iPhones include their battery life, lack of new features, the inability to customize terminals, while in the case of Samsung microphone and external speakers caused the biggest problems. Nokia terminals have been accused of running operating systems that respond to hard commands and have very few applications available for them, and in the Motorola case, the preinstalled applications and touchscreen have generated the most complaints from users.

To be honest, the issues taken into account by the company cannot always be compared equally, especially that the lack of new features and inability to customize a terminal doesn’t represent a physical or software problem. iPhones are generally fragile and do not last quite as well to impact the ground, such as on this study with a good dose of skepticism.