Apple Promises Completely New Products Starting In The Fall – But Not A Bigger iPhone

On April 24, 2013

With the financial results announced yesterday evening, Tim Cook said that Apple is preparing a series of new products that will be part of a different category than the traditional ones. They will be released starting this fall and the news will continue to appear until the end of next year.

At this point, Apple catalog includes mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, workstations, portable media players and Apple TV media center, not quite clear which will be the new directions for Apple.

One would be that for the smart accessories, rumors about a possible intelligent watch are circulating for some time. These products are currently being considered by other companies of which Google is already making a concrete step with Google glasses and Apple’s interest could turn in this direction.

Apple TV is a product rumored for a while, and it seems that the Cupertino Company is already experimenting with several models. The task of bringing something truly innovative in this area, as Apple accustomed us, however, is a very difficult one and it might as well not materialize into a commercial product.

If we can not yet guess what Apple is preparing us for the near future, we know what it is impossible to bring: a bigger iPhone. Tim Cook said that bigger screens involves a concession that the company is not prepared to do at this point, and that Apple will focus on quality at the expense of quantity.

We must not forget that the same thing was said about 3.5″ and 9.7″ screen sizes of iPhone and iPad products. This view did not prevent the subsequent launch of a mobile with 4″ screen and a tablet of 7.9″ screen, so we hope that in a good day we could see a bigger iPhone, but this will not happen too fast.