Apple Q1 Earning Call by the numbers

On January 28, 2014

Yesterday Apple held their Q1 2014 Earnings call, and here are some of the most interesting facts to come from this meeting:

Apple sold:

  • 51 million iPhones
  • 26 million iPads
  • 6 million iPods
  • 4.8 million Macs



Percentage wise this is what Apple’s revenue per category looks like:

  • Mac Net Sales: 11%
  • iPod Net Sales: 2%
  • iTunes Store: 8%
  • iPhone Net Sales: 56%
  • iPad Net Sales: 20%
  • Other: 3%

Furthermore Apple reported that almost 63% of the quarter’s revenue came from international sales.



Tim Cook also commented on whether we would be seeing new products that haven’t been released before, (hint: iWatch, Apple TV) this is what he said:

There’s so much of the world that is full of very complex products. We have zero issue coming up with things we want to do. We must focus on the very few that deserve all our energy. We’ve always done that and we continue to do that.

From the official press release this is what Apple hopes to achieve in Q2:

  • revenue between $42 billion and $44 billion
  • gross margin between 37 percent and 38 percent
  • operating expenses between $4.3 billion and $4.4 billion
  • other income/(expense) of $200 million
  • tax rate of 26.2 percent