Apple rectify most problems in iOS 7 with the new 7.0.3

On October 23, 2013


Because iOS 7 came with a large number of stability issues, Apple has also tried to address them in future updates.

On the same day that the Cupertino giant launched new iPads, MacBook Pros and Mac Pros, iDevice owners were invited to make the transition to the new iOS 7.0.3. As it is evident, after the little change of the version, it is not a major update. At the same time, it is an important update through the large number of solutions to already integrated problems.

Since the launch of iOS 7  several stability and security issues were notified in the most important update from the last years of the operating system used by Apple for their device. The new 7.0.3 rectify those who remained in iOS 7.0.2, including the famous BSOD – Blue Screen of Death, failed messages from iMessage or calibrate the compass.

The only completely new function introduced with this occasion is Keychain iCloud, the Apple way to sync your passwords and credit card information between all iDevice’s, no matter how complex they are. If you are short of inspiration when selecting your new password, Safari now includes a password generator that you can use and which, with Keychain, you don’t have to remember them.