Apple Redesigns Headphone for iPhone 5

On September 3, 2012

The headphones that were given to all iPhone users by Apple seemed mediocre and heavily priced as well. Suffice to say that at the retail price of the replacement product, there are many more great headphones that you can get as a real replacement. However, in the case of the iPhone 5, it is rumored that the device will not only get some internal changes but also accessory changes as well. We are talking about the change of the headphone for iPhone design.

Based on a leaked photo from a factory in Vietnam, it shows that the design of the new headphone is quite unique. It was said by the Vietnamese website that the new design are manufactured from a factory called Phax Co in Vietnam. It was also said that these new designed headphones will be the future replacement of all default headphones given by Apple. As far as this rumor is concerned, Tinhte is quite reputable as it managed to get a hand on an iPhone 4 prototype well before it was released.

With this being said and done, it is rather interesting to see the whole iPhone 5 package. This is because there are just so many new things being introduced but since these are all rumors, you might not want to get your hopes up too high.