Apple Releases iOS 6.1 Beta for Developers

On November 2, 2012

The iOS 6 is Apple’s most successful operating system update yet and the company had just recently released an update which is the iOS 6.0.1. Along with the update, comes another update just for iOS developers. Those that have subscribed to the iOS developers program would have realized that iOS 6.1 beta has already been made available to those that are interested.

Along with the release of the iOS 6.1 beta, was the XCode 4.6 Developer Preview. This is still a very rough application that still needs more improvements so expect the final version to be somewhat different as compared with the developer preview version. Back to iOS 6.1 beta, there were a few things improved to it. Inside the iOS 6.1 beta comes an enhanced map features. This is an improved Map Kit searching in Maps for Developers. This allows the developer to programmatically search for map-based addresses and point of interests.

In addition to that, there is also better Maps Error Reporting on the iOS 6.1 beta. This makes it easier for users to file a complaint or to report of any problems to Apple. Besides that, there is also a minor tweak on the lock screen. Appearance is somewhat different and the locations of buttons were changed too.