Apple releases iOS 7 Beta 3

On July 9, 2013

Yesterday Apple released the third beta of iOS 7, this update brings with it several improvements as well as bug fixes. Furthermore Apple seems to have made some tweaks to the design of iOS 7. MacRumors have noticed that these include things such as redesigning the fonts, increasing the size of the status bar, as well as  changes to the calendar app, and perhaps most interesting is the changes made to the download animations.


As you can see in the picture above the font appears to have gotten thicker, this was also noted by MacRumors forum user MoparShaha, who stated “Thicker fonts overall, thicker loading bar in Safari, true full screen in Safari. That’s what I’ve noticed so far.”


As you can see in the picture the Status Bar appears to have gotten slightly wider, perhaps this was done to improve the readability of the text.


Perhaps the biggest change to iOS 7 is the new download animation that greats users when they download the new beta, gone are the old download bars and in come the new circular download timers.