Apple releases iPhone 5s ad all about Fitness

On June 5, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 8.49.17 AM

During the Stanley Cup finals Apple debuted a new ad called “Strength”. The ad focusses on using your iPhone to track your fitness progress.

The ad showcases several different wearable devices as well as fitness apps. My personal favorite and currently glued to my arm is the Misfit Shine, which appears at the beginning of the ad. Other companies such as Wahoo bike sensor, Withings Scale, and Adidas miCoach Smart Ball also make appearances.

Of course Apple just recently announced their very own HealthKit platform and Health App at WWDC earlier this week. So it would only make sense to focus on fitness and health. The app will tie into a variety of existing wearables and fitness apps to gather all of your health information in a central location.

You can watch the full ad below: