Apple Shares continue to decline despite the success of its products

On January 1, 2013

As we already entered the year 2013 the news from Apple are not so good. Value of its shares is declined in recent days reaching $509 in value trading session held after the closing of the U.S. stock market. Though the figure is small during the day value of shares fell to $508.12, and at the moment there are no signs to suggest that the price might increase in the near future. At this rate Apple action will cost less than $500 by the end of January, the price can be the same or lower than one year ago.

At this drop several factors, including economic and political context in the U.S. and the success of Apple products help much to stabilize the situation. Perhaps things will improve in the spring when the expected launch of new products, but in the meantime it’s unlikely that Apple’s share price was $600 as value.