Apple Shows iPad Mini in App Developer Logs

On September 1, 2012

The iPad Mini has yet to be released and there weren’t any confirmation regarding it either. However, leaks have been found and reports from newsworthy individuals have reported it as well. If you have been following up about the iPad mini, then you might want to know this new piece of information. There are proof in the Instapaper developer logs stating that there are two new iPad model numbers.

This has been reported by the Instapaper developer Macro Arment on which he stated that the two new models were “iPad2,5” as well as “iPad2,6”. Although not confirmed by Apple nor any other people with the authority, he assumed that it might be a new product which is the iPad mini by Apple. While iPad2,5 refers to the iPad 2 instead of a new version, Apple has been known to modify a tweaked iPad 2 version with the release of the iPad 3 and this was referred to as iPad2,4. Thus the 2,5 and 2,6 might refer to a new version of the iPad 2 and chances are is that it is the iPad mini.

This is rather interesting because it confirms that there are some new devices that will be released soon. It won’t be replacing the iPad 3 but instead improves from the iPad 2 instead.