Apple increasingly closer to the launch of streaming iCloud

On May 28, 2011

As we have seen a few days ago, it seems that Apple signed contracts with most popular discographic businesses in the launches of the new online streaming service that would be named iCloud. The launch of the streaming service is becoming closer.

The service most likely would be announced in June during the WWDC conference along with other novelties like the new MobileMe, iOS 5 and OSX Lion, the conference that I think will be one full of surprises and true software and hopefully, I hope hardware too, and here I mean confirmed news about the future iPhone 5.

Stay tuned, as you know, we will keep you closer with all of your preferred news about iPhone. How nice it will be that after only one month, we will hear everything about the new iPhone, iOS 5 or OSX Lion? Do you think you will be happy enough?  You will definitely find more about this if you would keep an eye one us.