Apple to face lack of supply for iPhone 5

On August 25, 2012

The upcoming iPhone 5 has yet to be announced by Apple but people are definitely getting worked up by the device. This is because the iPhone 5 is a device much like the iPhone 4 where it sports a newer design as compared with its predecessor. As it should be expected, Apple will see itself struggling to keep a strong supply for its iPhone 5. This would be due to the surge of demand for the device.

Year after year, Apple reports record sales for its initial iPhone launches. The iPhone 4 had better sales than the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4S with the iPhone 4. It only makes much sense that the next generation iPhone find itself getting a lot of demand. Another reason for this would be that Apple has greatly expanded its initial release countries as well. As compared with just a handful during its initial launch, the iPhone had seen more countries getting the initial products by the year.

As reported by DigiTimes, the Taiwanese news site stated that as compared with the 20 million units being readied, the numbers have fall down to 15 million instead. This may be due to the lack of components associated with the device.