Apple to offer 30-pin to 19-pin connector adapter

On July 24, 2012

Remember how much we have been complaining about the new connector pin that will be used on the iPhone 5? It will be much smaller than the 30-pin that Apple has right now. With this being said and done, it will also make a lot of accessories useless unless there is an adapter for the new 19-pin dock connector. It seems that Apple has taken note of this and decides to offer an adapter for the smaller pin when the new iPhone is released in the future.

iMore has reported that based from the internal sources, Apple will definitely make the adapter available when the iPhone 5 is released sometime in the future. However, the more interesting question would be whether the company would bundle the adapter with every purchase of the iPhone or make it as an additional accessories instead. Knowing Apple, we are guessing that the adapter will be made as a separate accessory. Nevertheless, it will still be cheap considering that the MagSafe adapter  costs only $9.99.

In other news, iOS 6 also has some interesting new features based on the iOS 6 beta 3 version that was leaked recently. One of it is that when downloading a new app on the App Store, it won’t ask for the password although that will still be the case for the paid apps. This is still a good preventive measure especially for those that lets their children use their iOS device.