Apple to release Yosemite Public Preview tomorrow

On July 23, 2014


During the WWDC 2014 Keynote earlier this year, Apple promised to release a Public Beta version of OS X Yosemite to non developers.

The company has now announced that this Public Beta will be made available tomorrow, July 24th for users who are wanting to test the software before it will finally be released later this fall. Users can sign up to be an OS X Beta Program member on Apple’s Beta Program site.

According to a statement released by Apple, the public beta will be updated less frequently than the Developer beta, however, users running the public beta will eventually be able to update their system to the final release in the fall. This is what Jim Dalrymple from The Loop says:

The public beta version of OS X Yosemite is the same version released to developers on Monday, so to start off, consumers and developers will be running the same software. However, the developer version of Yosemite will be updated more often over the next few months than the public beta version. This is so developers can continue to test their software with the latest operating system available. Consumers really don’t need updates that frequently.

As with any Beta software, please remember there is a reason for this being a beta version, meaning it is still in development. It might not work with all applications, and even though this is perhaps one of the most stable Betas I have tried, things can go wrong.

My suggestion is that you don’t install Yosemite on your main Mac, but instead install it on a secondary machine, or at least on a separate partition.