Apple Touch ID Explained – One New Function To iPhone 5S

On September 11, 2013

Launch of the iPhone 5S was devoid of surprises, so that the most important function of the new iPhone 5S is fingerprints scanning for security. Touch ID will be available on the new Apple gadgets with a special sensor included in each iPhone’s Home button.

The combination of 4-digit password and fingerprint holder ensures a higher level of security for the iPhone 5S, protecting your phone from thieves and limiting children’s access to the device. Apple claims that fingerprint scanning is a local and encrypted process, which does not have access to it even corporate servers.

Touch ID virtually scans the fingerprint and stores it encrypted on a part of the new A7 processor and is theoretically completely inaccessible. Security measures are available for only two processes: the opening of the screen or gadget and purchase applications in the App Store. Application developers do not have access to the third mark and the Touch information never reaches iCloud ID.

What can really Touch ID do for iPhone 5S? Use your fingerprint to protect your App Store purchases from your children, and as security for the opening screen deters thief’s interested in such a gadget.