Apple updates OS X Server, Xcode, Remote Desktop

On July 26, 2012

Not only has Apple released what seems to be a zillion new updates with the  release of OS X Mountain Lion, but they have also released updates to their OS X Server, Xcode and Remote Desktop.

OS X Server 2.0 is a $19.99 Mac App Store purchase that can be added to any Mac running Mountain Lion, enabling that machine to be used at a server. Features in the update include the following:

  • File sharing for Macs, PC and iPad; Standards-based AFP, SMB and WebDAV file services; flexible file permissions and Spotlight searching
  • Wiki Server including point-and-click page editor, access controls, tags and comments, revision history, document sharing and Quick Look previews
  • Profile Manager, which includes configuration and management for OS X and iOS, over-the-air enrollment, mobile device management, web-based administration console and a self-service user portal
  • Time Machine
  • Mail Services
  • Calendar, Contacts and Messages Servers
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Xsan
  • Server app and other features
Xcode 4.4 is an update for Lion and Mountain Lion and includes the following:
  • SDKs for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and iOS 5.1.
  • Enhanced for the MacBook Pro with Retina display.
  • Code completion persists your selections to give more accurate suggestions.
  • Objective-C @synthesize command is generated by default when using properties.
  • Objective-C adds literal syntax for numbers, arrays, dictionaries, and expressions when developing for OS X.
  • Apple LLVM compiler supports additional C++11 features, including lambdas.
  • Assistant editor tracks caller or callee for the current selection.
  • New localization workflow can share a single base .xib file for multiple locales on OS X.
  • Source control can commit individually selected changes.
  • ARC migration tool converts both retain/release and garbage collected code.
  • Fixes an issue where code completion could fail, requiring the user to delete derived data.
The Apple Remote Desktop update to 3.6 adds new attributes in the system overview report, support for IPv6 and addresses other concerns.

Source: AppleInsider