Apple wants to control iPhone when they fall

On March 23, 2013

Apple recently launched an application for a patent to control how the phone falls down. More specifically, the Cupertino Company wants to change its iPhone position in the air and land with a chosen area on the floor. The reason is simple: protect an expensive device with a relatively fragile construction. Users tend to keep their gadgets very much and this is evident when we look at market protection covers. Often a Smartphone does not look so good in the case. May become thicker and bigger in the pocket.

The solution or at least the perspective from Apple on this issue is interesting. Using accelerometers and gyroscopes, the phone will feel when it would fall. A certain module will move a small weight in a certain direction to change the phone in the air. It could theoretically reach a certain surface soil, especially strengthened by the manufacturer. Might avoid the impact of the corner phone, which is very easy to break the protective screen display.

Implementing such a system is not very practical. Expensive laptops have FFS and managed to stop the HDD platters in time. A Smartphone already has the necessary sensors, but the module who effectively change the phone orientation when falling should be too large for current dimensions. Alternatively, the blocking of the 3.5 mm jack will be another solution. Headphones could mitigate the fall. Even if they were affected, their price is very low compared to the terminal. Among other solutions that will not be implemented includes the use of flexible edges with small springs under them or a tank of pressurized gas that is released to the ground just before the impact. More details about the patent can be found at