Apple warns users about applications that offer in-app purchases

On March 24, 2013

In recent weeks we have reported two cases of British children that were able to produce bills of thousands of pounds buying various apps and features in those apps/games via in-app purchases. Apple has been sued because of how inappropriate they warn its users about these in-app purchases, was criticized by the press, and now has decided to mark all applications in the App Store that contains this system can leave kids without their parents money.

Apple already lists the most popular in-app purchases for applications and games from the App Store, but today The Guardian newspaper confirmed that provides an additional warning, directly under the download button of each of those applications. Apple hopes in this way to relieve users from excessively high bills caused by their children fun, but unfortunately this may not be the way to solve the problem of in-app purchases as the specific item can still be bought easily. Well, if something changes we will surely let you know.