Apple Watch now loaded with a dozen healthcare apps

On April 15, 2015


A long list of healthcare companies is getting their apps loaded on the Apple Watch and we are sure of seeing a couple showcasing their apps for the watch in the already ongoing HIMSS 2015 conference in Chicago.

Some of the already approved apps are from HealthTap, Dexcom, Kaiser Permanente, WebMD, Vocera, HCSC, among others. These apps have a wide range of abilities from medication reminders to showing health records for patients all the way to continuous monitoring of glucose levels on the Apple Watch. Below is a full list of some of the already approved healthcare apps on show.

Every Body Walk! app

Every Body Walk! Is a Kaiser Permanente app that was originally designed in 2011 for smartphones, offering support to anyone interested in keeping track of their day-to-day activities and making healthy behavior changes. The app is simple and easy to navigate making it great for the watch’s layout. Users can use the app to track their activity, set fitness goals, and also quickly review their health statistics at a glance through the easy to read and colorful graphics.

WebMD Medication Reminders


The WebMD Apple Watch app will help its users to view their medication schedule for the day and the same time it tells whether one has taken the required dose, or not. Anyone with the app will also be able to receive additional in-depth info about their medication on their iPhone via Handoff.

Centered Apple Watch App

This is a Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) app and its main objective is to provide users with daily physical activity tracking while also reminding them of good meditation exercises that will help them reduce stress, improving their general health.


This is a revolutionary app that provides all Apple Watch users that have it installed with instant and 24/7 access to doctors on call, all at the tap of a button. The app will get you consultation with a primary care doctor for a video consult for only $2.99 per minute.


Vocera Apple Watch App

The Vocera will help you manage life-critical communications and that is by viewing and responding to prioritized alerts, calls, and messages from other care team members.

cFHR App from Anthem and CareEvolution

The cFHR is designed to make it simple and convenient for users to review new medical info, receive alerts, and also manage their health right from their wrists. Users are notified of gaps in disease management, potential drug interactions, prescription refills, and it will also suggest preventive screenings.


The Spire device delivers insight about one’s state of mind by measuring one’s breathing. This device offers real-time stats on focus, tension, and calm. With the Apple Watch, you can now focus on remaining calm all through your day by getting seamless notifications on your state of mind.



With this app, doctors can now receive and send messages, manage their colleague invites, and also get notifications for faxes.

Cerner HealtheLife

This app is designed to make a patient’s life easy by providing them with notifications reminders on their health. They can therefore manage all their health issues from their Apple Watch.

Dexcom Follow and Dexcom Share2


The two Dexcom mobile apps have been updated and users of its Continuous Glucose Monitor System can now track everything from their watch. More so, these apps will also allow users to invite others to monitor their glucose information form their own Apple watch.


This app offers users with an entirely new channel of medication management that they can view from their wrist.

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