Apple Watch – Variants, battery life, pricing and availability

On March 10, 2015


As expected, today’s Apple’s Spring Forward event concentrated greatly on their “most personal device yet”, the Apple Watch. Though Apple announced Apple Watch along with the iPhone 6 last September, many details like the pricing, battery life, etc. remained a mystery. Today, we have all our answers.

Read on what we learnt about the Apple Watch in September.

Apple Watch Variants and Pricing
Apple Watch Collections

The Apple Watch comes in three different collections, each differing only in the materials used in the casing and strap of the watches, rather than functionalities. Each variant is available in 38 and 42 millimeter sizes and can be paired with any of the available straps, making countless combinations possible. You can head over to this link to take a look at each variant.

Apple Watch Sport

This is the basic model of Apple’s smartwatch and is directed toward those who use it just as a fitness tracker. It comes with an anodized aluminium casing and a rubber sports band in white, black, blue, green and pink colors.

It starts at $349 for the 38mm and $399 for the 42mm versions.

Apple Watch

This is the intermediate model which is the one directed towards the common masses. Its casing is made of stainless steel and has a plethora of options to choose from in terms of straps, including the sports bands, milanese loops, leather straps and more.

It costs between $549 and $599 through $1049 and $1099 for the 38mm and 42mm models respectively.

Apple Watch Edition
Apple Watch
This one is ahem.. for the wealthy, to put it simply. It comes with an 18 karat gold casing and buckle, with different varieties of straps and buckles.

It is priced between $10000 and $17000.

Battery Life of Apple Watch
Apple Watch Charger
This is something everyone have been looking forward to, since Apple conveniently failed to mention it at the announcement. Even during the interviews in the interim, Tim Cook and team chose to evade inquiries in this behalf which lead to a lot of speculations of a poor battery life on the Apple Watch.

Well now we know that the Apple Watch packs an “all-day battery life”, as Apple wants to call it. On average, it lasts for 18 hours which is better than what we had feared but not at par with other smart watches in the market like Pebble. In short, you will have to charge it very night.

Availability of Apple Watch

At launch, it will be available only in a select set of countries.

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Apple Watches will be up for pre-order starting April 10th, ready to be shipped by the 24th. By the former date, a set of demo Apple Watches will be available at Apple Stores so that you can try on one before you spend at least $349.

In case of the Apple Watch Edition, it will be available in very limited quantities and at special stores, more details of which will be available at a later date.

So are you planning to get an Apple Watch? Please do let us know in the comments section below.

You can get more information on the Apple Watch at Apple’s official subsite.