Apple Will Be Launching Multiple Products with iPhone

On September 8, 2012

The iPhone launching date has been announced by Apple and it is on the September 12th. This has been in line with all the rumors surrounding its launching date and by the looks of it, the company has already been preparing up the venue of it. The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco is the place where the event will be done. Based on other rumors, it seems that Apple won’t just be launching the iPhone but also multiple revisions of its old devices.

The devices being talked about are an updated version of the iPod Shuffle and new generation of both the iPod Touch and the iPod Nano. In addition to that, it was also assumed that the iOS 6 release date will be announced on September 12 as well. As far as the iPod Touch is concerned, it has already been a long while since the last update and it would definitely do much good to get it updated with the latest specs as well.

While the revenues of this small influenced products might not be as good as the big boys such as the iPhone, it  is nevertheless important to update them with better ones especially when some of these haven’t been updated for almost two years.