Apple will sell almost 200 million iPhones in 2012 says analysts

On December 17, 2011

Numbers do mean a lot to business. It shows how good or how bad the business is. 200 million iPhone predicted to be sold in 2012 is nothing but good news for Apple as it shows how much the company will profit from the sales of the device. This estimate is a figure not given by Apple but instead by the analysts at Morgan Stanley.

In addition to that, Apple will also have a growth in terms of sales from its famous tablet, the iPad. Although this figure might not be as significant as the sales of iPhone, it would definitely mean a lot to Apple especially after a research showed that around 27% of the US household have plans to own the tablet and with the iPad being the best in the market, there will definitely be an increase in demand in the future.

With this being said and done, expect growth from Apple in terms of its market share as well as its market price. The current market price of Apple as of date stands at $381.02 per share with the week’s highest at $395. It wouldn’t surprise anyone that the price would increase higher in the future although it will definitely take time for it to reach Google’s market price of $625.