Apple Will Stop iPhone 5 Production In Favor Of iPhone 5s

On July 26, 2013

The latest speculation on the next smartphone from Apple are saying that the Cupertino-based company will stop production of iPhone 5 in the fall to make room for the next model, the iPhone 5S, and also the alleged plastic iPhone.

The source of this information is, an eligible Korean site. Abandoning iPhone 5 production could have an argument. More specifically, the iPhone 5S production model will have a new diplay (in-cell type) can be achieved in small volumes, for which Apple needs a production line dedicated almost entirely to the next smartphone.

It is not the first time when before an Apple before appear rumors referring to abandon production of iPhone models. Before the launch of the iPhone 4S, there were similar information as Apple’s decision to stop production of the iPhone 4.

Another reason to stop production of iPhone 5 is that Americans will also hit the market with the “cheap” plastic iPhone, terminal that will need dedicated production lines.

New iPhones Apple could be announced this fall. Stay tuned for the exact date of the launch, it would come these days, no worries about that.