Application Update…

On July 11, 2008

It has been a rather busy day. We’ve been building the site, upgrading iPhones and doing some initial tests on some of the applications. I’m really quite pleased with the selection I have seen thus far and love the fact that things will only grow from here. Today proves that one really doesn’t need to upgrade to the 3G iPhone to enjoy the biggest upgrades- the apps. 3G speeds are nice and the gps chip will certainly make the location feature more accurate but even without those this thing is amazing. And, the battery life wil be better. Yes, I will end up upgrading but it is nice to know YOU DON’T HAVE TO.


I’m also pleased that, at least with regard to the 20 applications I already put on my iPhone, they don’t take up all that much space. That was a big concer of mine. I will note, however, that I had a tiny bit of instability. MyiPhone reset once today and after the initial loading of it, Jott would not start. I am currently removing it and will put it back on. Hopefully that makes a difference.


We are creating a game place to begin the review process for apps. I want to focus on some of the applications that really fill some of the initial blindspots that have thus far been part of the iPhone experience. So- I’ll be looking at AIM, the two offerings from SplashData, the three offerings from Big Stone Phone, Evernote, Jott, and eReader.


Dimitri is PSYCHED about OmniFocus, Heather’s eye got caught by a few of the games, Elana has her eye on some of the organizational and food applications, Rob is ready to go on the medical applications and everyone else has their eye on a number of apps, as well.


This is going to be FUN!