Applications from the App Store have 2 times more problems on iPhone 5S

On October 12, 2013



In the first minutes of using iPhone 5S, App Store application imprisoned me about 2 times without doing who knows what in it, and since then I have met many applications that had problems running on this device. A study published by an American company confirms problems of applications available in the App Store and on iPhone 5S seems they have 2 times more problems than on any other iDevice. Basically we are talking about a crash rate of 2% during use, so very small, but it is double that recorded for iPhone 5C or iPhone 5.

In its look at hundreds of millions of app launches since the debut of the latest iPhones, Crittercism says programs crash about 2 percent on the iPhone 5s as compared to just less than 1 percent on both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5.

The main problem that applications have in the device is connected to the new 64-bit A7 chip. Developers have had the opportunity to test iOS 7 before the official release, but could not test the device hardware so that applications would have trouble with it. Of course this does not explain why they close even if they are native applications or the ones updated for the 64 bit hardware, but the crash rate is still very low, so it should not be bothered very much.