Applications for iOS have a nicer design than those for Android

On May 1, 2012

If you have played at least once more than five minutes with an Android device, you have certainly seen as an application made ??for this platform is not as beautiful as those made for iOS platform. Many people know this, even Google knows this, but behind an apparent difference in design there is a much bigger problem.

It begins with the fragmentation that exists on Android platform, continues with Apple’s software applications designed for making with beautiful design and finish with the documentation of under-designed, documentation that put some Android application developers in difficulty.

Those from Wired talked with a company that develops applications for iOS and Android OS and its representatives explained that fragmentation is by far the biggest problem with Google’s platform. If the iOS there are very few resolutions and some hardware profiles, in the Android OS can be found dozens of issues and applications developers need to think for each one.

Design is built into Apple’s DNA. Google’s legacy, on the other hand, is search. So it’s not too difficult to guess which platform places a higher premium on app U.I. and aesthetics — and which platform makes it easier to create beautiful software.”

Basically Apple wins the battle with Google now in terms of support offered to developers, but also in terms of fragmentation, but it remains to be seen how the situation it will look after several years.