Applications To Count Data Are Useless In iOS 7

On June 14, 2013

In the new Cellular menu of iOS 7 was finally implemented the possibility to see which iOS’s applications and services makes data traffic and how much data traffic they did over time. The system implemented by Apple primarily gives us information about data traffic made by applications installed on our devices, but in the background allows us to see what internal services of iOS 7 makes traffic without us to know.

For the first time we can see how much data traffic Siri makes during its use, the data traffic carried via iMessage, by receiving notifications via the synchronization of documents, the homescreen, or even Game Center.

Until the launch of iOS 7 it was impossible to find similar information correctly, and no application from the App Store can now count the exact same things as accurately as the iOS internal counter does. To be honest, the only motivation for the use of metering data applications is being able to be prompted when traffic exceeds a certain limit or the option to see how much traffic you consume every day, because for the rest there is iOS 7. And the best part of some new functions is that Apple now allows us to disable mobile internet connection for any of the iOS applications, which works only if connected to a Wi-Fi network.

This system is extremely important and can help users avoid astronomical bills generated by data traffic made without them knowing, remains to be seen just how it will be changed until the final release of iOS 7.