Apps that iPhone users must have

On September 4, 2011

Previously we have written about some of the best apps that are available on the App Store but because there are thousands of apps available on the market, it is simply impossible to sum everything up in a single article and that is why this article is a continuation of the previous articles about iPhone apps.

Opera Mini Web Browser

It is to no surprise that Opera Mini is a favorite of many. Web pages load faster on Opera Mini as compared with any other mobile browsers because it compresses the web pages by almost 90%. If Safari doesn’t work, we bet that this browser would.


Yelp is a great app to find out about local businesses in a place on which you know little of. However, it mostly works in the United States therefore people outside the region would not find Yelp as useful as the people in the US. Best of all, the app is available for free.

Awesome Note

At a cost of $3.99, many would find Awesome Note a bargain as it allows its users to be organized as much as possible. It doubles as an iPhone notepad and a to-do list and users may find its integration with the Google account as a big plus for the app.