AppZapp for iPhone: Unlock push notifications for free

On July 10, 2012

There are more than 650,000 apps in the AppStore right now and you know well how daunting it is to explore all of them. Fortunately, there are tools that can help you separate the wheat from the chaff: AppZapp, “the Bargain-Guide for the AppStore”, highlights apps whose prices have recently dropped in a special “Sales” and “Now Free” sections. These sections, as well as the many other sections in the app, contain lists that immediately inform you of the apps’ respective App Store and AppZapp community ratings. This way, you can easily figure out which apps deserve your further attention and you will never miss a sale again.

Users can easily see the most interesting changes regarding app activity upon opening AppZapp. But if they want to be alerted of them through push notifications, they can unlock the app’s built-in push service via an optional $0.99 in-app purchase. Fortunately, What’s On iPhone readers can now get this service for free: we have teamed up with AppZapp to offer you the opportunity to unlock the push notifications for free!

All you hava to do is to download FREE AppZapp app and enter “WhatsOniPhone” in Settings -> Coupon Code.  It’s necessary to be logged in with a free AppZapp Account since the app assigns the pro features to your account – so you can enjoy the pro features after a new install or changing device.

Check out our review of AppZapp for more details on this amazing app discovery tool.