ARCHOS 70b Internet Tablet Specs and Price

On December 28, 2011

ARCHOS 70b Internet Tablet

ARCHOS 70b Internet Tablet is a tablet that expected to be released next year in early 2012. ARCHOS 70b Internet Tablet is the next enhanced version of the Archos 70 IT Gen 8. When the most tablet cost quite expensive, this tablet predicted to have a low cost. Without further information of dimension and weight of ARCHOS 70b Internet Tablet, we can only guess that this tablet would be a slim tablet. It is because most of the tablets come with slim design. If ARCHOS 70b Internet Tablet will come with a rather thick design, it will not be in an extremely thick design.

ARCHOS 70b Internet Tablet is the tablet that expected to be released on January 2011. Since the announcement on 20 December 2011, there is some information that still missing or not attached on the official announcement such as the dimension and weight. However, other important information is still attached together with its announcement. ARCHOS 70b Internet Tablet will run Android 3.2 Honeycomb and will be supported with single-core 1.2GHz combined with graphic processor that will enhance the graphic display into a better appearance. 512MB RAM in system memory will also make the performance faster. Move to internal built-in memory, we will find 8GB memory that available for the built-in storage in ARCHOS 70b Internet Tablet with addition place that provided for the external memory up to 32GB. The display screen will be available in 7.00 inches that makes this tablet categorized as 7” tablet. ARCHOS 70b Internet Tablet display screen will be supported with 1024 x 600 pixels resolution and TFT capacitive touchscreen technology. With 16 M colors that will make this display screen on ARCHOS 70b Internet Tablet has richer color. The front-facing camera is predicted to be the only camera with only 0.3 MP VGA resolution.

ARCHOS 70b Internet Tablet is a new tablet product that is still trying to compete in the tablet market. Though ARCHOS 70b Internet Tablet doesn’t have any popular brand, this tablet seems to have a good hardware specification that worth it to be considered. ARCHOS 70b Internet Tablet is expected to come on January 2012 as the first tablet that cost under $200.